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Bengaluru woman brought her car for a wash but not because it was dirty; read to know what happened next

The car which was being washed for an unusual reason at a washing station in Bengaluru, India. (Picture: Author)

By: Shubham Ghosh

It was another ordinary day for Keshav, who runs a car-washing shop in a busy locality of Bengaluru in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, to start with. But he did not expect that he would face one of the most bizarre experiences of his life a few hours later.

As Keshav was attending his customers’ vehicles that were lined up for water wash, a woman named Deeksha (name changed) approached him. She came to his shop after parking her small car, a Tata Nano, on the other side of the road. Keshav had noticed till then that there was a small crowd around her car and she was wearing a pensive look. He thought it was a case of a breakdown and the woman already had some support.

The car which was being washed for an unusual reason at a washing station in Bengaluru, India.
A snake was found inside a car and staff members at a washing station in Bengaluru found it. (Picture: Author)

But when Deeksha told him what actually was the matter, Keshav was shocked. She told him that she saw a snake sitting inside a hole in her old car and seeing its tail, she at once pulled over and came out fast to seek help. But even after an hour had gone by, nobody could trace the snake and eventually, Deeksha approached Keshav to check the interiors of her car by pushing it up with hydraulic force so that the underneath could be seen.

Keshav, who said he was not new to such problems of dealing with snakes since there are bushes around his shop and house and often reptiles come out of them, got into the car and brought it to his washing station.

There, they pushed the car up and sprayed water underneath to see if the snake came out. But there was no success until one of Keshav’s employees discovered its tail. They then used a long jack-rod to pull the snake out and skillfully put it inside a bottle and put a lid on. The reptile was quit a long one and venomous but they decided not to kill it.

“They should not be killed. We will release it in the bushes far away from here,” Keshav said before putting the bottle inside his two-wheeler’s trunk and sped away.

“Thank god, you saved me,” a relieved Deeksha told the washing shop staff members before getting into the car and leaving.

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