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British Pakistani teen sets record with 34 GCSEs

With aspirations of studying medicine at the University of Oxford, she is an official member of Mensa, a prestigious high-IQ society

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

A 16-year-old British Pakistani student, Mahnoor Cheema has set a record in the UK and internationally after passing a total of 34 subjects at the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) level.

This accomplishment is the result of Mahnoor passing 17 GCSEs in the previous year, coupled with an additional 17 that she succeeded in last week. This achievement signifies the greatest number of subjects ever undertaken by a student in the history of UK and EU GCSEs.

According to media reports, Mahnoor is a student at Langley Grammar School in Slough, Berkshire, and her exceptional performance is not a result of mere luck. She attained predominantly grade 9s, which are equivalent to high A* grades, with only a few 8s.

These results were achieved across a wide range of subjects including astronomy, further maths, Latin, and French.

Despite her academic prowess, Mahnoor maintains a well-rounded lifestyle. With aspirations of studying medicine at the University of Oxford, she is an official member of Mensa, a prestigious high-IQ society.

She boasts an IQ of 161, exceeding the IQ attributed to Albert Einstein at 160, and surpassing the global average of 100.

Mahnoor’s interests span science, English literature, music, and languages. Proficient in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, she also possesses decent fluency in French and German. Engaging in activities such as playing the cello, swimming, horseback riding, and chess, Mahnoor defies the notion of being solely an academic enthusiast.

Despite her exceptional achievements, Mahnoor remains humble and playful, expressing that while Einstein left a profound impact on the world, she sees herself as a regular 16-year-old.

Her father, Usman, a barrister, and her mother, Tayyaba, studying economics, immigrated to the UK from Pakistan in 2016.

They relocated to the UK in 2006 with the intention of pursuing higher education at Lincoln’s Inn and SOAS.

Subsequently, Mahnoor enrolled at Langley Grammar School in West London during her fifth year of schooling, following her initial education at a private school in Lahore.

Recognising Mahnoor’s unique abilities since infancy, her parents were not surprised by her academic accomplishments.

Her journey to becoming a doctor was motivated by the loss of her grandparents. Mahnoor has already taken the necessary tests for university applications in medicine.

Currently celebrating her achievements with family, including her younger siblings Laila and Jibran, Mahnoor’s outstanding academic journey is likely to continue.

In addition to her academic achievements, Mahnoor has earned distinction in ABRSM Music Theory and Practical at Grade 8 and has been nominated for the John Locke essay competition.

Her accomplished record includes passing subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and many others.

Notably, in the past, Pakistani students like Haroon Tariq and Ali Moeen Nawazish have achieved exceptional records in their exams, setting benchmarks for academic success.

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