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Exodus by Inder Paul Sandhu: The divine style statement

Eastern Eye caught up with one of UK’s best kept creative secrets to discuss his journey from music to high fashion

By: Asjad Nazir

BRITISH music talent Inder Paul Sandhu has carved out his own path as an accomplished singer and songwriter.

That creative journey led him towards setting up his own designer fashion label Exodus, Pas De Ce Monde (PDCM), which offers eye-catching clothes, awesome accessories and cool footwear. He has used the same kind of innovation on a stylish label destined for big things.

Eastern Eye caught up with one of UK’s best kept creative secrets to discuss his journey from music to high fashion.

What connected you to fashion and style?

It was just wanting to look cool and stand out. (Laughs) I have always been like that since my childhood.

What made you want to start a design label?

The music label I was signed to at the time was going to take me on tour. I thought to myself, I need to find a way to capitalise on this and the best way I saw was merch. What ended up happening was ‘a lemonade out of lemons’ story because I never went on tour in the end but ended up creating something much bigger.

What inspired the name?

I literally prayed asking God for a name and he answered me saying Exodus. I then wanted a phrase to go with it and something that could link to the fashion capital of the world, Paris. I translated ‘not of this world’ in French and the rest was history. I believe God was giving me a reminder at the same time. My entire journey in music and now fashion, has been an Exodus – a tough journey in the wilderness with God providing, comforting and leading me through it.

Tell us about the range you offer?

Everything is a statement piece. From being subtle to being in your face, Exodus Pas De Ce Monde (Exodus PDCM) is a lifestyle brand – we got you covered from head to toe.Exodus by Inder Paul Sandhu: The divine style statement

What inspired the fashion designs?

Ultimately my own personal style and being broke. I’ve put everything into my art, both music and fashion. I could never afford the outfits I wanted, so began customising clothes from vintage sales and charity shops with the help of my tailor Nabz. I eventually started combining different patches with one another to make completely new designs.

What was the thought process behind the various accessories?

There were two questions that I consistently asked myself.  ‘How can I continue to express the ‘coolness’ and versatility of the brand beyond clothes?’ ‘What else can Exodus PDCM champion, and claim in a way that no other brand has?’

Could you tell us more about the footwear?

I’ve always liked vans and the houndstooth pattern, so it was a no brainer for me and it was the same thing with the sliders. The designs work on every item I put them on. I’m currently working on some leather boots – they’re gonna be sick.

Who are your designs aimed at?

Interestingly enough, people on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. People who want to be subtle, but still make a statement and those who don’t mind all eyes on them. I’ve come to realise there is a boldness they both share.

Do you have a personal favourite fashion item or accessory from the label?


The Exodus PDCM embroidered jean set is amazing and our sunglasses. I wear denim and shades throughout the year so they’re my go to. Our tracksuits are pretty slick too.

How much of your music journey and career have informed your designs?

Exodus PDCM is a music inspired lifestyle brand. My life has been nothing but music for the last 12 years. There’s a bold vulnerability throughout the designs, which could also be said about my music and musical journey. You can’t have one without the other.Exodus by Inder Paul Sandhu: The divine style statement

How does your design creation compare to the music process?

It’s much simpler and faster. It’s literally me, myself and I. I make my own mock ups and then explain them to my manufacturer.

What has been the biggest challenge of setting up this fashion venture?

Finding people that would appreciate it. Just like the music, again it’s the ‘Exodus’ towards the land of milk and honey, not just in a financial sense, but in every sense of being somewhere you are celebrated. The trick is celebrating along the way – food for thought.

Who is your own fashion hero?

I’d say whoever can make something work without a lot in the first place. It’s amazing to be creative and stylish, but it’s another thing entirely to be creative and stylish under restraints out of your control. It’s a different level of mastery.

What are your future hopes and plans for this label?

The exact same desire I have for my music, which is to be a household name, to be intergenerational, ushering people towards their truest identity.

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