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Gaurav Gupta on dressing up Beyonce for world tour

The Renaissance World Tour will conclude on October 1 in Kansas City, Missouri.

By: Mohnish Singh

Fashion designer Gaurav Gupta says creating three strikingly glamorous looks for pop diva Beyonce for her ongoing world tour was an opportunity to put forth India’s traditional designs that beautifully encapsulate the “aura and magnanimity” of the singer.

Beyonce has been on a concert tour since May in support of her seventh studio album “Renaissance”. During her gigs in Atlanta (Georgia) and Charlotte (North Carolina) in the US, the music icon wore three outfits created by Gupta — infinity crystal bodysuit paired with crystal legging boots, a neon green Athena saree gown, and the moondust crystal encrusted orbit gown.

“We were so glad to be able to integrate the cultural appreciation of India’s traditional design with the neon green chiffon saree gown in line with our brand philosophy. And for the third look, it was all about the 70s Disco’s era that has become synonymous with the creative direction of the tour,” the couturier told PTI in an interview.

Gupta credited the global “brown movement” for the world taking note of what India has to offer.

“There’s a brown movement happening across the globe. The world is taking notice of what we have to bring to the table, how creatively we can express our heritage, and what we stand for as designers. This is just the beginning,” he said.

Luxury communications consultancy Maison Bose, which assists designers with VIP placements, contacted the Delhi-based couturier for a design collaboration with Beyonce in March.

Gupta, who has already dressed international celebrities such as Lizzo, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jennifer Hudson, Kylie Minogue, and Olivia Culpo, said Beyonce epitomises “hope and freedom” for him.

“Beyonce’s presence, aura, and magnanimity spread freedom and power in the world. She stands for everything positive and brings a genuine smile to everyone’s face. She spreads love and happiness which in turn inspires me.

“In March, through Maison Bose, when we were asked by the stylist, Karen Langley, for a design collaboration for Beyonce’s iconic world tour for her Renaissance album, we went through multiple sketches and ideas,” he said.

While the infinity crystal bodysuit along with legging boots were customised for the singer, the other two outfits were selected by one of her stylists, Shiona Turin, from Gupta’s Paris Haute Couture Week collection ‘Hiranyagarbha’.

The process of presenting three distinctly different looks that resonate with the “renaissance” theme was a tedious one, said Gupta.

The first custom outfit was made in about 538 hours, while the second outfit took 320 hours. The third one, a hand-sewn gown with over 20,000 crystals and 40,000 sequins, and multitudes of glass bugle beads, was completed in 718 hours.

“This was the first time we worked with Beyonce and her incredible team… We needed that much time to properly create the outfit… This magical collaboration was a beautiful personal moment for me, my team, and the brand,” he said.

The Renaissance World Tour will conclude on October 1 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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