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‘It’s a love story’: Anita Rani on her new book ‘Baby Does A Runner’

Baby Does A Runner hit the bookstands recently.

Anita Rani (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

By: Mohnish Singh

Anita Rani, the talented British-Indian radio and television presenter, recently sat down with Angela Scanlon on Virgin Radio UK to discuss her new book, Baby Does A Runner.
Talking about the novel, she said, “It’s a love story. It’s about a woman who’s trying to find her identity and it’s a complicated world she lives in.”
Anita continued, “She’s in a job she doesn’t like. She’s 36, and she’s not got a partner, which is absolutely fine. Women can be single. However, she’s also a young Indian woman from Yorkshire and therein lies the problem because her entire world expects her to have settled down by now.”
To add to it all, Baby then finds love letters between her grandfather and someone who is very clearly not her grandmother, which sends her on a journey to India to discover who this mysterious woman is.
She added, “A lot of the characters in there are familiar to me. If I was going to write a character that’s authentic, that is absolutely a British experience, who’s a northern British Asian woman, then it has to be somebody I know.”
She further said, “The people who’ve read it have just said, ‘Thank God, somebody has finally written a character that reflects who we are’.”
Baby Does A Runner hit the bookstands recently.

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