• Monday, March 27, 2023


Nikki Haley calls Biden ‘ultimate socialist’, his budget a ‘disaster’

By: Pramod Thomas

INDIAN-AMERICAN Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said that Joe Biden’s annual budgetary proposals were socialist in nature and a ‘disaster for America’.

She even called Biden an ‘ultimate socialist president’.

“We should be moving people from welfare to work. But Joe Biden is calling for no-strings-attached welfare checks with no work requirements,” Haley said after Biden unveiled his $6.9 trillion budget.

In his annual budget, Biden came out with a series of social welfare measures and raised taxes for the rich.

“I think Biden is the ultimate socialist president. He loves to spend everybody else’s money. His answer to everything is to increase taxes,” Haley told Fox News in an interview.

“We need to be realistic. We’re $31 trillion in debt. We are borrowing money to make our interest payments. This is not sustainable. The problem is Washington DC has a spending problem, and we need to put them on our diet and put an end to it,” she said.

“The first thing Biden should have done is say we’re going to claw back the $500 billion of unspent Covid-19 money. The second thing he should have said is rather than the IRS agents going after innocent Americans, go back and go after the 100 billion dollars of Covid fraud that happened along the way,” she said.

Haley, who announced her presidential candidacy on February 14, has been campaigning in Iowa and Nevada this week.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has called for changing the retirement age for Americans currently in their 20s.

She has also proposed limiting social security and medicare benefits for wealthier Americans.

Haley said, “What you would do is, for those in their 20s coming into the system, we would change the retirement age so that it matches life expectancy.”

When pressed for a specific new retirement age she supports, the Indian-American said, “It’s the new ones coming in. It’s those in their 20s that are coming in. You’re coming to them and you’re saying, the game has changed. We’re going to do this completely differently.”

Recently, Haley had proposed altering the retirement age for young people and also outlined several changes to entitlement programmes.


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