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Taha G: Making music for the mind, heart and soul

Pakistani singer-songwriter reveals the secret to recent success and story behind his new song Aankhon Mein Aansu

By: Asjad Nazir

FAST rising music star Taha G has made a big impact in a short space of time with more than 25 single and album releases over the past three years.

With a growing fanbase around the world, the Pakistani singer/songwriter is turning a childhood dream of music stardom into a reality. He continued his momentum with the recently released song Aankhon Mein Aansu and doesn’t have any plans to slow down with a promise to release more songs.

The top talent is also looking forward to taking his top tunes live and was happy to discuss his terrific music journey with Eastern Eye. The rising star also discussed his future hopes, inspirations, and the best advice he ever got.

How do you reflect on your musical journey so far?

It hasn’t been an easy one. I’ve been making music since 2016 and finally it’s reaping rewards. I’ve needed an extremely strong mind and a solid character that has always believed in his goals. I started making music back in 2016. So many people asked me to give up and be realistic with my goals, however, I didn’t pay attention. I kept grinding, day in and day out. I’ve released about 50 tracks and truly believe that hard work and consistency always pay off.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

I remember being on stage in Karachi at Hasan Raheem’s Nautanki tour, I sang a line of my biggest song Dil Kay Isharay and the whole crowd sang the entirety of the song on their own. I couldn’t believe it. I had tears in my eyes and am certain I’ve never felt that kind of euphoria in my life ever. Has to be one of the biggest moments of my career.

Which of your songs has been the closest to your heart?

Well, my recent release Aankhon Mein Aansu has all of my heart. I love the catchy melodies and beats that have an extremely versatile fusion between Afro and desi elements. The song really does show my ‘lover boy’ personality in full swing. It is a song that I just don’t get enough of and can hear it multiple times a day.

What inspired the song?

The song talks about seeing someone you had loved in the past; those feelings you had return and you fall into that pit of wanting them again. The song can also be taken as an ode to a past lover who has moved on, while you still seem to be trapped in those feelings that you felt all those years ago. I see the song as a closure for me that I never got.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

There are so many incredibly talented artists that I’d like to collaborate with, like Hasan Raheem, Annural Khalid, Talha Anjum, Talha Younus, Abdul Hannan, Natasha Noorani and so many more. That’s only Pakistani singers. I’d love to collaborate with artists across the border as well, including Talwinder, AP Dhillon and Arjit Singh. The top of my list are The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa.

What inspires you as a singer?

Well, seeing the love my fans give me is on top of that list. The immense love I’ve been getting has been beautiful and a dream come true. My fellow artists and their professionalism in their craft have really inspired me to up my game in the past two years. So, I’m extremely grateful to them. They know who they are. A desire to bring the international quality of music and videos to Pakistan and really show the world what we are capable of as artists as well, also inspires me.

What music dominates your own personal playlist?

The Weeknd is one of my biggest inspirations in making music. There’s also a lot of Michael Jackson, who inspired me with his energetic and crowd engaging live act. There’s a lot of Young Stunners on there for the gym playlist.

Tell us something about you not many people know?

I do a lot of vocal warm-ups before I record my vocals and hit the stage for an electrifying performance.

If you could master something new, what would it be?

I believe animation is something that would be cool to master. I’d definitely use it to make some cool visuals for my songs and for other artists as well. Possibly even make a fully animated music video.

What would be the best advice you ever got?

Mahira Khan once told me in 2019, ‘No matter what heights you climb, remember where you started, keep your head strong and feet to the ground, just like right now’. I’ve made that my mantra and it has gotten me through the toughest times. So, thank you Mahira.

Why do you love music?

Music is a language itself and helps me convey emotions I might not be able to, in a song. It can make you feel emotions that you might not even know resided inside of you and convey them. It can bring people together. It can make people laugh, smile, cry and more. Through music I am able to connect with thousands of people I don’t know and call them family. I love you my TG family and promise you this is just the beginning of our story.

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