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Air India teams up with fashion designer Manish Malhotra for new uniforms

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

The flag carrier of India, Air India’s flying crew, ground, and security staff are set to showcase fresh uniforms created by fashion designer Manish Malhotra, aligning with the Tata Group-owned airline’s revamped global brand identity.

These new uniforms, in line with Air India’s ongoing revival and modernisation strategy, are expected to be introduced for frontline staff members by the end of the year, coinciding with the introduction of the airline’s first wide-body A350 aircraft into its fleet.

Renowned couturier, costume stylist, and entrepreneur Manish Malhotra, with over 30 years of experience, has initiated consultations and fitting sessions with Air India’s frontline staff.

This effort aims to better understand their specific requirements for the new uniforms, a press release by the carrier said on Thursday (29). The airline, once under government control, had last updated its staff uniforms in 2015.

“We are working closely with Manish and his team to combine elements of our brand, our heritage and our culture, together with the unique requirements of the airline environment, for what we hope will be a fresh and exciting new look that supports and represents the new Air India,” the airline’s CEO and MD Campbell Wilson said.

Air India has collaborated with Malhotra to create fresh uniforms for over 10,000 of its frontline employees, including cabin crew, cockpit crew, and ground and security staff.

Malhotra expressed his deep honour in partnering with Air India, referring to the airline’s employees as “our national flying ambassadors.”

“Our shared ideology is simple yet profound: to evolve without erasing, to modernise without forgetting. Together, we aim to intertwine tradition with the future, crafting uniforms where comfort meets authenticity, wrapped in timeless elegance,” he said.

Presently, female cabin crew members at Air India don traditional sarees or kurtas in shades of red or blue, while male cabin crew attire includes a white shirt paired with black trousers and a black jacket. Air India employs approximately 8,000 flying crew members.

Last month, Air India revealed its fresh brand identity, ‘The Vista,’ drawing inspiration from the summit of a golden window frame, symbolising boundless opportunities.

Earlier this year, the airline placed substantial orders for 470 aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing.

Tata Group assumed control of Air India from the government in January last year, and currently, efforts are underway to consolidate the airline business wherein AIX Connect is in the process of merging with Air India Express, while Vistara is set to be integrated with Air India.

(With inputs from PTI)

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