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‘Are you thinking of buying Australia?’ Journalist asks Satya Nadella after India’s defeat in World Cup final

The 56-year-old Indian-born tech leader is known to be a cricket lover and watched the India-New Zealand World Cup semifinal till late night before walking into a meeting next day morning.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

By: Shubham Ghosh

SATYA Nadella, the Indian-born chief of Microsoft is known to be an ardent cricket lover. The 56-year-old tech leader, who recently confessed to staying awake all night to watch the semifinal match of the just concluded cricket World Cup between India and New Zealand that the hosts won before attending a conference.

This week, Nadella was asked by a journalist whether he was thinking of “buying Australia” in the light of India’s defeat in the final of the World Cup against the Kangaroos that left billions of fans of the home team devastated.

Speaking on American Kara Swisher’s podcast about the current debacle at Microsoft’s partner OpenAI and Sam Altman’s departure from the company, the Hyderabad-born Nadella was asked about India’s defeat in the final of the marquee tournament at the end of the programme.

“The India and Australia cricket thing, I’m so sorry for you there, but are you thinking of buying Australia now?” Swisher asked Nadella jokingly.

“That would be like buying OpenAI. None of those can be accomplished, but we can partner well with OpenAI and enjoy Aussies playing cricket,” the Microsoft chief responded, laughing.

Nadella, who watched the final match closely too, said in a post on X, “Congratulations to Australia on winning the World Cup! Great run to the finals, India.”

Australia defeated the hosts by six wickets to lift their sixth world crown, shattering a billion dreams after India won all their matches till the final.

Nadella has said in the past that cricket remained one of his “passions” during his growing-up years and that the game taught him more about teamwork and leadership that helped him throughout his career.

He played competitive cricket for his school team and enjoys watching Test cricket. 

Nadella also joined hands with Delhi Capitals, a team of the Indian Premier League that owns and “operates” the Seattle franchise in the Major League Cricket — a new T20 franchise league in the US. He is a top investor in the team which is named Seattle Oscars.

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