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Atif Aslam halts concert mid-way after fan throws money at him

Atif Aslam’s tour is running from September through to November.

By: Mohnish Singh

The popularity of Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is not restricted to just his home country. The singer, who has sung some unforgettable songs for Bollywood films also, is popular in several parts of the world.

Atif Aslam is currently celebrating 20 years of his eventful music career and to mark the special occasion, the 40-year-old is touring in North America and is delighting fans with his live performances.

A recent incident from one of his concerts in the US has caught the attention of his fans worldwide. A viral video from the concert shows a person throwing money at the singer on stage during his live performance.


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The clip shows that Atif looks down at the money before raising his arm towards the musicians signalling them to stop the music.

He is heard saying to his fan, “My friend, instead of showering money at me, you can donate it.”

The singer then invites the fan onto the stage to take back his money, adding, “I appreciate your wealth, but the act of showering money can be seen as disrespectful.”

Netizens loved how respectfully he asked them to do something good.

“He is absolutely right. I don’t like people who throw money on others and show off,” wrote a user.

Another wrote, “King for a reason.”

Meanwhile, Atif Aslam’s tour is running from September through to November.

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