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‘I See Her’ nominated for BAFTA qualifying film festival

The film was shot in the United Kingdom with production and post-production teams in both the United States and Australia.

By: Mohnish Singh

I See Her, a powerful short film highlighting the plight of women at risk of abuse is officially selected for a BAFTA qualifying film festival award and is causing excitement following a series of Oscar-winning collaborators.

This film was created to raise awareness of the shocking rise of abuse in women and girls following the pandemic and is based on the real-life stories of women in forced marriages and the threat of domestic abuse in the South Asian community in particular.

The 6-minute film is in collaboration with UK-based charity, the Sharan Project and directed by SUKKI, a writer, director, and humanitarian-activist, best known for starring in the cult hit Netflix show Singapore Social, and for using her art to create an empowering space for South Asian women.

The film follows the story of a woman that is trapped in a forced marriage who experiences domestic abuse in which a neighbour helps her out of her situation, only to realise none of it will exist without the awareness and understanding of strangers and access to the resources she’ll need to be free.

Domestic abuse cases in the UK in South Asian communities are rising. There were 798,607 cases at the end of March 2020 but by March 2021, this figure rose to 845,734.

SUKKI, Director of I See Her, said: “I wanted to create a film that could be used as a tool to help us, the public, know how and when to step in and do something when we suspect abuse is happening. I think too often people are afraid to talk about or get involved with abuse when they see the signs. It started as a call to action for us to become more aware, I never expected it to be received in such an incredible way.

“To be nominated for a BAFTA qualifying film festival award is a step forward in putting the plight of women, especially South Asian women, on the world stage and I can only hope this raises the visibility of the issues we need to take note of, because they’re happening in the UK right now.

“We, the active bystander, really do have the power to change the course or destiny of someone experiencing abuse. I hope it leaves you with a call to action that everyone can do something to challenge the abuse of women and girls.”

The cast of the film includes Nikkita Chadha (Hijack, Marvel’s Eternals, Barbie), Alexia Khadime (Grammy-nominated West End star), Georgia Lowe (The Alienist), Kalbir Bains (Author of ‘NOT our Daughter!’, survivor of honour-based abuse and deaf activist) and upcoming young actress Tara Mohatta.

Three times Oscar-winning post-production team of the film includes Dirty Robber editors (Oscar win for Two Distant Strangers), Unbridled Sound (post-sound production of Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All At Once), and Kali Bateman (lead colourist and team for Baz Luhrmann’s Oscar-winning ELVIS).

I See Her also features an original score soundtrack composed by RUTHLSS and SUKKI, accompanied in the credits by the children of the Romsey Youth Choir.

The film was shot in the United Kingdom with production and post-production teams in both the United States and Australia.

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