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India poised to be at forefront of digital innovation, feels US envoy Eric Garcetti

The diplomat said India and the US, through their shared values, recognise that technology is not only about faster speeds or better connectivity, but also a gateway to progress, and reflection of development.

US ambassador to the India Eric Garcetti (ANI Photo)

By: India Weekly Staff

India with its vast population, thriving digital economy and technology use is poised to leverage transformative power of 5G, and in future 6G, to catapult itself to the forefront of digital innovation, US ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said on Tuesday (23).

Terming trust an “absolute necessity” when it comes to 5G, Garcetti said India and the US are committed to collaborating towards this. India with its G20 presidency this year can not only drive deployment of trusted solutions and architecture among developing nations but, in the developed world too, become a vital part of supply chain to de-risk the world.

Speaking at inaugural ceremony of US-India 5G and next generation networks workshop, Garcetti said the two nations through their shared values recognise that technology is not only about faster speeds or better connectivity, but also a gateway to progress, and reflection of development.

“India, with its vast population, its thriving digital economy, the use of technology that in some ways is leapfrogging other nations around the world, is poised to leverage the transformative power of 5G and 6G… to catapult itself to the forefront of the digital revolution,” the US Ambassador said at the workshop organised by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

The shared vision of the two nations and their leaders is about digital economy built around transparency, and accountability to the people, the rule of law and the protection of basic rights.

“Those are things that bring us together and are in contrast to others who seek technology for other means. So to build that inclusive and digital future that nourish these values, we have to take into account security, trust, openness and interoperability from the beginning,” he said.

The US is seeking to support India and other nations in promoting the responsible global deployment of 5G and next generation networks.


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