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India’s Dubai mission launches helpline numbers for Indians hit by extreme rain

On Tuesday, the precipitation levels of Dubai crossed 142 millimetres (5.59 inches), contrasted to the average annual precipitation level of  94.7 millimetres (3.73 inches).

Passengers wait for their flights at the Dubai International Airport in Dubai on April 17, 2024. Dubai’s major international airport diverted scores of incoming flights on April 16 as heavy rains lashed the United Arab Emirates, causing widespread flooding around the desert country. (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)

By: Twinkle Roy

THE Indian consulate in Dubai, UAE, has posted helpline numbers for Indians and other passengers left in the lurch due to the unexpectedly heavy downpour leading to the cancellation of flights and disruption of daily life in the capital of the northern Emirate of the Gulf nation. Other neighbouring nations such as Oman, Qatar and Bahrain besides areas of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran were also affected. 

On Tuesday (16), the UAE witnessed the heaviest rainfall recorded in its history, throwing life out of gear. Authorities at the Dubai International Airport struggled to restore normalcy at one of the world’s busiest airports where floodwater on the tarmac caused disruption of flight operations. Major highways and roads in the city and emirate were also partially submerged. 

In a move to help the Indian expats living in the desert country or those left stranded while travelling there, and restore contact with their family members in India, the Indian consulate issued several helpline numbers on the social media platform X. 

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According to the consulate’s post, +971501205172, +971569950590, +971507347676, and +971585754213 were accessible for weather-related emergencies.

It also assured that it was in touch with UAE authorities and the airlines to facilitate stranded passengers.

“Regular updates from airlines are being conveyed to travellers, and relief measures have been extended in association with Indian community organisations,” the consulate said.

It added, “We have facilitated connection between stranded passengers and their families in India. Helpline numbers will continue until normalcy returns. We remain committed to serving the Indian community living in or travelling to Dubai and the Northern Emirates.”

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 Tuesday saw Dubai receiving 142 millimetres (5.59 inches) of downpour, as against the average annual precipitation level of  94.7 millimetres (3.73 inches). Some other locations of the country saw even heavier rains.

The country’s drainage systems gave up shortly after, affecting neighbourhoods, business districts and even portions of the 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road highway running through Dubai.

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