• Friday, March 01, 2024


India’s unsafe roads: WATCH car stunt on national highway going horribly wrong, vehicle rams into divider, flies off

(L-R) The car just before the crash; the overturned car after the crash )Picture: Twitter screengrab/@dreamthatworks)

By: Shubham Ghosh

Road accidents continue to be a major issue in India and authorities have struggled to prevent them despite running several awareness campaigns. Irresponsible driving is one of the major reasons for the fatal accidents that claim several lives in the country every year.

Recently, a video of another such incident surfaced on social media and it left netizens shocked.

In the video running 37 seconds, it is seen that a white small passenger car carrying one person, the driver, goes zig zag on a highway before it goes out of control and rams into a divider and overturns. The impact of the collision was big, causing serious damage to the car and its parts were seen flying in all directions. It looked like the driver tried to attempt an act of stunt before it went horribly wrong.

The video was taken from another car which the ill-fated vehicle overtook. The authenticity of the video could not be verified.

Netizens, who reacted to the video, said the accident happened on a national highway in the northern state of Punjab.

Other cars were seen slowing down near the vehicle and a man came forward, presumably to rescue the passenger. The person’s condition was not known immediately.

One user wrote, ”These acts of insanity are quite prevalent in Northern states of India. Such morons not only endanger themselves but are an angel of death for others on road. Such jokers need to be put behind bars.”

Another said, “Good No Sympathy for such LAW BREAKER . Violations of Traffic Rule is a CRIME ABROAD BUT ITS A “Status Symbol” in our INDIA.”

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