• Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Indo-British crossover film Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff novelised

By: Mohnish Singh

Indo-British crossover film Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff, starring Indian actors Priyanshu Chatterjee and Nyra Banerjee and directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, has been novelised by renowned International author Joe Hetherington. The book launched recently all across the world.

Barun Rai’s character played by Priyanshu was an instant hit amongst the netizens and there is a great demand of making a sequel to it too. This British crossover film’s fans have something to cheer about as they may see the next part soon! The book also signifies the popularity of the character of Barun Rai.

Filmmaker Sam Bhattacharjee talks about his film being novelised and says, “Barun Rai and the House on the Cliff released in 2021 but due to the pandemic situation, the novel got delayed and released in 2023. The novel was an important part to get the characterization of Barun Rai who is a detective/parapsychologist with Indian roots. The character has got very interesting journeys which Joe has put in the short story section.”

When asked if the character Barun Rai was the reason for him letting it happen, he says, “Barun Rai even though a fictitious character is an amalgamation of western influences like Dr. Who fused with Indian detectives like Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi. He is the first parapsychologist who takes the paranormal/ extraordinary phenomenon with a scientific explanation. The character is important to grow and it can only happen once his tales are narrated to the audience. Even though reading novels and books is limited to a very segmented audience, the prime objective is to position Barun Rai as an eastern character with the power to make it to Hollywood in the future.

Revealing what led him to choose Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff to turn it into a novel and says, Joe Hetherington says, “Created by Sam Bhattacharjee, Barun is a compelling character for a number of reasons. Unlike many fictional heroes, he does not resort to the use of violence to solve problems, and Barun always approaches dilemmas with the utmost calmness. Though he has extraordinary powers, his abilities come with a cost, and whenever he uses them, he is often left drained physically and sometimes even disturbed by what he has seen which gives him a level of vulnerability. Barun is also a very compassionate person who is empathetic to the people who have been affected by the malevolent spirits he is trying to stop.”

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