• Friday, September 22, 2023

Jaguar Land Rover unveils new logo to reflect ‘modernity’

The rebranding effort is part of the Tata-owned company’s strategy to position itself as a new age carmaker

By: Chandrashekar Bhat

Jaguar Land Rover will henceforth be known only by its initial letters ‘JLR’ as the British carmaker has unveiled a new logo to reflect its “modernity” and “forward-thinking essence”.

The new brand identity seeks to “remove ambiguity and bring to the fore the unique DNA of each of JLR’s brands – Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar,” the Tata Motors-owned company said in a statement on Thursday (1).

The rebranding effort is part of the company’s wider £15 billion ‘Reimagine’ strategy to position itself as a modern carmaker with a focus on electric vehicles.

Its CEO Adrian Mardell said the new logo was in line with the company’s “ambition in the modern luxury space.”

JLR, however, said the Land Rover brand would remain an “important heritage mark” on its vehicles, websites, social media and retail sites.

Chief creative officer Gerry McGovern said the new corporate identity was “the next chapter of our Reimagine journey to become a truly modern luxury business.”

It “will bring clarity to our clients and act as a unifier for our four distinct British brands,” the British car designer said.

JLR, which has two design and engineering sites and three vehicle manufacturing facilities in the UK, also has vehicle plants in other countries including India and China.

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