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Law Roach addresses client Priyanka Chopra’s sample size comments

By: Mohnish Singh

Priyanka Chopra is presently busy promoting her much-anticipated Prime Video series Citadel, created by the famous Russo Brothers. The first season stars Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as agents Nadia Singh and Mason Kane, respectively.

PeeCee is going all out to promote the series. During a promotion tour at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, the actress revealed that a stylist allegedly told her that she was not sample-sized and that ‘body shaming’ comments left her in tears.

“Someone told me yesterday that I wasn’t sample-sized… I was hurt and I discussed it with my family, and I cried to my husband [Nick Jonas], and my team, and I felt really bad about the fact that I’m not sample size, and that’s a problem, apparently, and most of us are not,” she said at the event.

Though Chopra did not name anyone, fashion icon Law Roach was quick to respond to her statement.

In an interview with The Cut, Law Roach stated that his remark about Priyanka not being ‘sample sized’ was taken out of context and claimed that they never had such a conversation. He said, “It was a little bit hurtful in a way that it ended up in the press, you know? Because that wasn’t the real conversation. I have never had that conversation with her, ever. So again, it is her gatekeepers (agents), how they presented what I said to her to make her feel that way. And if that made her feel bad, that wasn’t – it was taken out of context.”

“But I’m sure it was taken out of context to get her to be like, “Oh, okay, I’m not working with him no more. He’s insensitive to my body.” Which I’m like, how is that possible? I’ve been dressing you for literally pre-pandemic, and it’s been nothing but great things,” he added.

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