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Modi proposes India as COP host in 2028; announces ‘green credit’ initiative

The Indian leader said the world cannot afford to lose much time to make amends for mistakes done in the last century, when it comes to climate change.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks during day one of the high-level segment of the UNFCCC COP28 Climate Conference at Expo City Dubai on December 1, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

By: Shubham Ghosh

INDIAN prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday (1) urged the international community to work together to drastically reduce global emissions and announced a “green credit” initiative that focuses on creating carbon skins with popular participation.

Speaking at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai in the UAE where he reached on Thursday (30), he also proposed India as the host of COP33 climate summit in 2028 saying the country is committed to the UN Framework for Climate Change process.

Modi said the South Asian nation’s emissions are much lower, compared to other nations that have a significantly lower population.

India this year overtook China to become the most populous country in the world with 1.4 billion people.

“India’s population is 17 per cent of the global population, but in global carbon emissions India is only at 4 per cent. We are moving fast in achieving the NDC targets. In fact, we reached our non-fossil fuel targets nine years before the deadline,” Modi said, referring to the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), a climate action plan to slash emissions and adapt to climate impacts.

The Indian leader said the world cannot afford to lose much time to make amends for mistakes done in the last century. He appealed to every nation to work sincerely to meet their NDC goals.

The Conference of Parties (COP) is a decision-making body that reviews the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

India’s environment ministry has come up with a couple of initiatives indicating New Delhi’s positive approach to tackling climate change and sustainability and take forward the ‘LiFE’ — ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ movement announced by Modi two years ago.

The “green credit” initiative also seeks to boost environmentally friendly practices that are rooted in tradition and conservation reflecting the ideas of the ‘LiFE’.

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