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Netizens not pleased as Gujarat launches ‘flying’ cops for festival monitoring: ‘When drones are there, why this?’

The paragliding cops were deployed to monitor the Lili Parikrama event in Gujarat’s Junagadh.

A paragliding policeman (L) patrols during the Lili Parikrama in Junagadh in the western Indian state of Gujarat and a bird’s eye view from above (R). (Picture: Gujarat Police X account/@GujaratPolice)

By: Shubham Ghosh

SOCIAL media were left split after a video surfaced recently showing a police officer in the western Indian state of Gujarat soaring above the city of Junagadh for aerial surveillance during a local event using a paramotor.

While some praised the move, a large section of netizens was not impressed, saying it was not necessary and that a drone would do the work better. They also mocked the police saying they still could not save a little girl getting mauled by a leopard during the event or that the flying is quite loud to alert criminals from a distance.

The high-flying operation was to oversee the Lili Parikrama, a sacred annual event in which devotees encircle Mount Girnar, a revered hill in Junagadh district where the city is located. The event sees participation of nearly 100,000 visitors from various parts of India.

The video footage, which went viral, features a police officer sitting on his motorised paraglider that has a compact engine that propels it through the skies. The bird’s eye view gives him a unique vantage point to keep a watch on people below who have gathered for the event.

The footage was shared on social media by the Gujarat Police and it received all sorts of reaction.

Paramotors are similar to traditional paragliders that need a running start before throttling up to fly. The Gujarat Police has provided its personnel a specialised training to handle the equipment.

Here are some reactions that the Gujarat Police’s unique initiative received on X:


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