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Opposition Congress launches scathing attack on Modi government on 9th anniversary: ‘9 years of failure’

According to the Congress, Modi did not fulfil the promises he made and put the country in trouble with his ignorance.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi (ANI Photo)

By: Shubham Ghosh

The Indian National Congress, one of the country’s major opposition parties, on Friday (26) lashed out at the Narendra Modi government over its completion of nine years calling it a period of failure and full of misery.

The grand-old party, which lost power to Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2014 and failed to recover it in 2019, targeted the government over alleged unfulfilled promises, economic policies, foreign affairs and border rows in a lengthy Twitter post made on Friday morning.

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According to the Congress, Modi did not fulfil the promises he made and put the country in trouble with his ignorance. It also said that the Modi government will be dethroned in the general polls in 2024 in a repetition of what happened in the southern state of Karnataka recently. Modi’s BJP was routed by the Congress in a rare election victory in the state that went to polls on May 10.

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“Today Modi government completes 9 years. These are ‘9 years of failure’. There are 9 years of misery in the country. In these 9 years, people had to bear the brunt of inflation, unemployment and dictatorial decisions. The Modi government, which came to power on the basis of jumlas (rhetorics), did not fulfil even a single promise. Just kept on giving date after date. As- Promise to double farmers’ income by 2022, Promise to give house to all by 2022, Promise to give 15 lakhs by bringing black money, Promise of 2 crore jobs every year,” The Congress, which attacked the Modi government in a series of tweets, said on Twitter un Hindi.

The grand-old party, which has ruled India for most of its post-Independence era since August 1947, said Modi’s ‘failures’ were just the tip of the iceberg and if the party sits to count the ‘jumlas’ (falsehood) made by Modi, it will take several days to count them all.

“Demonetisation destroyed the economy, people died in bank lines. Who can forget that horrifying scene? Traders are devastated by the Gabbar Singh Tax (GST). There is opposition to this every day, but what can people do if the listener is busy giving grains to the peacock. Agniveer’s decision crushed the dreams of the youth. When they protested, they were threatened that their future would be destroyed,” the party alleged.

Accusing the Modi government of intimidating people that raise voices against it, the opposition party said, “Show fear of ED, CBI. If there is no government, buy power on the basis of money and kill democracy. Sell the country’s ports, airports, big projects to ‘Mitra’… and comfortably keep eating expensive mushrooms in ‘Mitra Kaal’, keep clicking photos.”

The Congress also took a dig at the Modi government over India’s border with China, saying, “Propaganda goes on from morning till evening in media. A fake image of a superman is created and in the end, the superman is seen wearing a ‘red shirt’ to woo China. Must remember… There was talk of showing red eye to China. Eventually, the matter reached the red shirt. Today China is stopping us from patrolling on our land. Our brave soldiers also gave martyrdom for this and in the end the ‘great man’ started wooing China by wearing a red shirt. This is his cowardice.”

Congress said that a book can be written on the failures of the Modi government.

“These are ‘9 years of failure’. Now people are tired of them. The Karnataka election is proof of this, where the public directly rejected PM Modi and his corrupt government. This wave of discontent has started from the south which will engulf the whole country. The public is waiting and will give a befitting reply,” it said.

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