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Sir Keir Starmer whips up tandoori salmon on TV cookery show

Keir Starmer with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on the Channel 4 food and chat show Sunday Brunch. Photograph: Labour Party

By: Mohnish Singh

Sir Keir Starmer appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and prepared a tandoori salmon meal on the cookery programme.

The Labour leader was in the Channel 4 studio with Tim Lovejoy and former BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Simon Rimmer on Sunday May 19.

Starmer repeatedly told the audience that he was a big Arsenal fan and prioritises spending time with his kids and leaves politics at the door when he comes home on a Friday night.

He also added that he would be going to support Arsenal with his son as the Premier League title race reaches an exciting conclusion.

“I think it’s going to be really tough; I’ll be there in the stands with my boy, he said. “The atmosphere at the Emirates will be brilliant. If there’s a draw up at (Manchester) City it will be absolutely incredible.”

As he approached the kitchen, Starmer was invited to “cross the floor” by Lovejoy – a reference to recent Conservative defections to the Labour Party.

As he cut salmon and blended a marinade, The Labour leader told the show he loves cooking and finds it “really relaxing”.

He said: “Usually on a Saturday evening I’ll cook.”

He added that he is “very strict” about making time for his wife Victoria, 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.

“We can go away but you’re never away from the phone, you’re never away from something happening,” he said. “But on a Friday night, I will say to the team I’m not doing any meetings after 6 pm because we’re going to be at home with the kids and we will spend that time at home with the kids. I don’t want to be one of these blokes, and it is normally blokes, who says in 10 years time says ‘I wish I’d spent more time with my kids’. I also think you’re a better decision-maker for doing it. When I walk in the door, any baggage of leader of the Opposition or leader of the Labour Party always has to be left at the door. I walk through the door and I’m dad. And that is fantastic.”

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