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WATCH South Indian tradition: Bride and groom, who died 30 years ago, get married now

An elderly woman showers blessings on the ‘newlyweds’ in a unique marriage of two dead persons in the southern Indian state of Karnataka on Thursday, July 28, 2022. (Picture: Screengrab from @anny-arun Twitter handle)

By: Shubham Ghosh

WHEN Hamlet said in the play that “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, there must have been some element of truth in it. And recent news from the southern Indian state of Karnataka gave more credence to the statement, so much so that it has become viral on social media.

An user Anny Arun on Thursday (28) posted a tweet in which he said he was attending a marriage. What’s so special in that? Well, Arun then explained that both the bride and groom were dead, some three decades ago, and yet their marriage happened this week. If one found it to be something creepy, well that’s a part of the tradition of Dakshin Kannada, a district in the south-western part of the southern coastal state of Karnataka.

Arun posted a series of tweets to clear the air about the unique tradition. Saying the marriage of two dead persons might sound funny to many, he said in other posts, “…its a serious tradition here. For those who died in child birth, they are usually married off to another child who is deceased during the child birth. All the customs happen just like any marriage. Two families will go to each other’s house for the engagement, there will be marriage procession and finally tieing the knots. If you are wondering its easy to fix this marriage, hear me out. Recently groom family rejected a bride because bride was few year elder to the groom! Anyway I find these customs beautiful.”

He also said, “I reached a bit late and missed the procession. Marriage function already started. First groom brings the ‘Dhare Saree’ which should be worn by the bride. They also give enough time for the bride to get dressed!”

In another post in which he also attached a video of people standing in front of two empty chairs covered with white cloth, Arun said, “While bride getting ready groom is already waiting. Isn’t that always a thing?”

In more tweets, he posted a video of people walking around the chairs with offerings saying, “Bride and groom do the ‘Saptapadhi’ 7 rounds before sit for the marriage.” Arun also posted several other videos of other rituals that were carried out at the wedding, in his long thread of tweets.

He also posted a picture of the food which was served at the marriage party, saying, “Finally yummy food. Fish fry, Chicken Sukka, Kadle Balyar, Mutton gravy with idly  And the couple ‘lives’ happily ever after! Probably in the afterlife!”

The Twitterati was taken aback by the posts and there was a deluge of reactions. While many were enlightened by Arun’s posts, others found the tradition strange.

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