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Super Fan Of The Week – Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan.

By: Radhakrishna NS

ONE of the most all-round talented stars in Bollywood history, Hrithik Roshan has dedicated fans around the world. One of them is Laxman Das, who was lucky enough to meet Hrithik and is a member of a popular Kolkata-based fan club dedicated to his idol.

Eastern Eye caught up with him to find out more.

What first connected you to Hrithik?
As a child, I used to watch him and admired his hairstyle and dance, but gradually, I fell in love with his personality.

What made you become a super fan?
I used to be a die-hard fan from childhood. But after joining HRFC Kolkata (the fan club), we all consider ourselves to be super fans. Whenever people say anything good about Hrithik, it makes me proud and happy.

Tell us about something super you have done for Hrithik?
The night before his film releases as well as his birthday, my excitement knows no bounds. I can’t sleep. I even watch three shows on the first day itself. The first-day first-show is a must though. Also, my team and I organise an annual blood donation camp every year in his name.

Tell us your most memorable moment?
First, was when he replied “good morning” to me on Twitter. The next was when I met him when he came to Kolkata to meet our club members.

What do you most love about Hrithik?
I love everything about him. I love him so much for all his qualities.

What’s your favourite work he has done?
He has done many charitable works, but the thing that makes him stand out is his sense of dignity. There have been several events when others tried to bring him down, but he took a dignified stand and overcame those difficult situations.

Which quality in Hrithik do you most relate to?
There is only one Hrithik. It is not possible for me to be like him, but I try to emulate his style. Also, I am a dancer. I can’t dance as good as him, but still, I try my best to dance like him.

Tell us, why do you love being a super fan?
Hrithik sir is talented in each and every way; be it looks, physique, acting, dancing or singing. It surprises me to watch such a talented person. That’s why I am his proud fan.

Twitter: @laxman_hr & @HRFCKolkata

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