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WATCH: Indian businessman Anand Mahindra’s hilarious but hard-hitting message on environment

Anand Mahindra (REUTERS Photo)

By: Shubham Ghosh

Indian industrialist Anand Mahindra is known for his witty takes on social media. The 67-year-old chairman of the Mahindra Group often comes up with fascinating posts that force the internet users to react with amusement.

On Tuesday (23), Mahindra shared a hilarious video on Twitter showing how Mother Nature takes ‘revenge’ against humans that cause her pain. In the short clip that the billionaire shared, a group of three men were seen cutting down a giant tree inside a jungle. But as they chopped the tree down with a chainsaw, its trunk slid back to hit one of three and he got tossed upwards and thrown away. He fell flat on his face.

“If you cut down trees, they won’t take it lying down,” Mahindra said in the caption.

The identity of the three men and the location where the incident took place were to be known.

Internet users liked the video and reactions came pouring in. Here are some:

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