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WATCH: Ironman sprays water from mouth before ironing clothes: ‘My man spraying corona’

Screen grabs from Instagram video posted by penduproduction

By: Shubham Ghosh

IRONMEN in India often sprinkle water on clothes before pressing as it eases the task of handling clothes stiffened by detergent washing. Sprinkling or spraying water on clothes before ironing is thus nothing new. But recently, an ironman from an unknown place was seen in a video spraying water on garments that he was ironing from his mouth!

The video of the middle-aged man was posted on Instagram on the account named penduproduction and social media users were left disgusted by the sight of the man pouring it out on the clothes that he is ironing. He was seen sipping water from a tumbler and then spitting it out on the garments. They criticised the person in the video, the location of which was not known.


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A post shared by Pendu production (@penduproduction)

The caption of the video post says: “Natural water sprayer.”

One could also see an old-day coal-fired iron kept next to him, which suggests that he runs an ironing service.

Social media users were not amused by the man’s act. While one said it was “Triple H after retirement”, another said, “My man spraying corona.”

“Worst way to spoil the clothes,” another said.

The users also claimed that the clip is from Pakistan.

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