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At least 10 dead as brakeless truck rams into 4 vehicles, highway side hotel in Maharashtra; WATCH

Police said the vehicle hit two motorcycles, a car and another truck from the rear before ramming into the hotel.

Locals gather at the accident site after a container truck hit four vehicles and then rammed into a hotel on a highway, in Dhule district of the western state of Maharashtra on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. (PTI Photo)

By: Shubham Ghosh

IN a tragic incident that took place in Dhule district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Tuesday (4), a container truck lost control following a brake failure and rammed into four vehicles and a roadside hotel resulting in the death of at least 10 people and leaving more than20 injured.

The incident took place on the Mumbai-Agra highway near Palasner village at approximately 10:45 am local time.

According to the police, the driver of the speeding vehicle lost control due to the brake failure and it hit two motorcycles, a car and another truck from the rear before ramming the hotel located near a bus stop on the highway. It overturned at the end.

Police confirmed that at least 10 people were killed in the accident while more than 20 were injured. Among the victims were some individuals who were waiting at the bus stop. The truck had been traveling from Madhya Pradesh towards Dhule at the time of the incident.

Authorities were promptly notified, and the police arrived at the scene to assess the situation. The injured were swiftly transported to hospitals in Shirpur and Dhule for immediate medical attention.

On Saturday (1), a passenger bus on a highway in Maharashtra overturned in the early hours and caught fire, leaving at least 25 people on board charred to death.

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