• Sunday, June 26, 2022

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I was so lost and I was addicted to cocaine: Bradley Cooper

By: Shelbin MS

Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, in a recent podcast, opened up about his addiction to substance abuse when he was terminated from the action-thriller series ‘Alias’ in the early 2000s.

“I was so lost and I was addicted to cocaine — that was the other thing. I severed my Achilles tendon right after I got fired/quit ‘Alias.’ ” confessed the Hangover actor, as reported by Page Six.

Cooper further mentioned that he even battled with ‘zero self-esteem’ and struggled in overcoming chemical abuse during his early years of acting. Cooper revealed that during those tough times, he “was totally depressed. It wasn’t really until ‘The Hangover.’ I was 36 when I did ‘The Hangover,’ so I got to go through all those things before fame even played into my existence on a daily level. So all that happened before any of that.”

According to Page Six, Cooper has said that one of the best things he did in life was to ’embrace’ who he was.

“The one thing that I’ve learned in life is the best thing I can do is embrace who I am and then do that to the fullest extent, and then, whatever happens, happens. The more steps I do to not do that, the farther I am away from fulfilling any potential I would have.” added the actor.

Earlier, Bradley admitted that his drug and alcohol abuse would have sabotaged his entire life unless he had sought professional help, reported Page Six.

Meanwhile, on the film front, Bradley Cooper’s upcoming biographical drama film, Maestro has created quite a buzz after Netflix dropped the first look images of the actor, in a never-before-seen avatar. Cooper is portraying the role of esteemed Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein, with Carey Mulligan playing Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre.

The film is expected to release next year, in 2023.

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