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India government’s sarcastic strike on X after ‘Whats Wrong With India’ trends

Several Indian citizens accused the social media platform of having a biased algorithm that tried everything about India in a negative shade and they came up with posts with a twist.

A flag of India on the facade of India House on Aldwcych, the High Commission of India, in London. (iStock)

By: Shubham Ghosh

SOCIAL media users in India were on Tuesday (12) unpleasantly surprised to see ‘Whats Wrong With India’ trending on X with several millions of posts with the same tag. The trend became strong as some users posted about incidents that have happened in the last few days with the hashtag ‘Whats Wrong With India’ but some netizens slammed the social media platform accusing it of having a “biased algorithm” that tried to portray India and its people negatively.

Even the Indian government’s citizenship engagement platform, @MyGovIndia, participated in the trend with posts that featured news stories about India’s success and pinned its post.

The news clippings mentioned how India “wiped out extreme poverty”, became the first nation to successfully land on the moon’s South Pole; was praised as the fastest growing economy by the International Monetary Fund’s executive director and other nations trying to emulate the South Asian nation’s digital infrastructure.

Several users backed the government’s response, sharing pictures and videos of negative incidents that happen in other countries with the caption ‘What’s wrong with India’.

Here are some sarcastic posts that Indian netizens posted on X with the caption ‘What’s wrong with India’ to actually say nothing was wrong with India.


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