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Internet stunned as Korean woman speaks perfect Punjabi: ‘Aunty rocks, Punjabis shocked’; WATCH

Screengrab of a video of Sungkun Siddiqi and his Korean mother from his Instagram account desi_korean

By: Shubham Ghosh

A video featuring a Pakistani content creator and his Korean mother has gone viral on social media, the reason behind the latter’s Punjabi-speaking skills!

Yes, you read it right.

Sungkun Siddiqi is a half-Pakistani and half-Korean content creator who often posts hilarious posts on social media.

Recently, the man shared a video on his Instagram account known by the name of desi_korean, showing how good his mother is at speaking Punjabi and it caught the attention of several netizens.


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In the video, Siddiqi asks his mother whether she can speak Punjabi, a language in which millions speak worldwide, and she replies in the same and says she knows how to speak in that language.

When Siddiqi asked her about her favourite song, she said, “Pardesi pardesi jana nahi” (Oh foreigner don’t go) indicating that she has liked the Hindi film ‘Raja Hindustani’ to which the song belongs. She also completed Punjabi lyrics perfectly after her son asked her to do it.

The video was shared on March 26 and it has so far received more than 57,000 likes. People also commented in large numbers.

One said, “Ohh my God, her accent is so good.”

Another said, “Hahaha this is so cute Aunty rocks, Punjabis shocked.”

A third said, “Awww, you guys are amazing. You speak nice Punjabi.”

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