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Jameela Jamil accuses stars of using ‘weight loss injections’ to appear ‘skinny’ at Oscars 2023

By: Mohnish Singh

Actress and activist Jameela Jamil has hit out at celebrities for using “weight loss injections” to appear “skinny” at the Oscars 2023.

After the 95th Academy Awards, the actress took to Instagram and shared how “weight loss becomes an Olympic sport during awards season”.

“The images last. But the methods aren’t sustainable, nor are they normally sustained, until the next awards season. Where again the images of ageless, weightless women are used as a tool of aspiration,” Jamil wrote.

She mentioned that she “loved so many of the dresses, and the people in them”; however, “it is an industry pressure and a result of tiny samples from designers that are straight off the runway from fashion month, that result in such a forced uniform thinness, and fear of wrinkles”.

Jameela also claimed in the post that a few celebs also practised “unsustainable dieting, and took weight-loss injections”. “I’m not being judgemental. I just don’t want you to be triggered, or to make any sudden decisions, because of the images of impossible standards that come out today. It’s a temporary extreme. None of this last,” stated the She-Hulk actress.

In the end, the actress wrote that her “message doesn’t apply to all the people at the Oscars.”

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