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Mastering the musical minefield


WHETHER it is singing, song writing, composing, or running a record label, Kiranee is always in touch with music. The British talent added to her list of musical projects with new initiative Startist Global, which is a hub for artists and other creative souls.

She has teamed up with Rishi Rich and Raj Ghai for a venture designed to help artists in all areas, from music production to collaborations, releasing songs, learning about the business aspects, and getting connected with the right people. In short, Kiranee is helping artists navigate their way through the music industry.

Eastern Eye caught up with Kiranee to talk about Startist Global, the tips she would give new talents, the importance of finding a unique sound, her forthcoming projects, and musical motivation.

Tell us about the services provided by Startist Global?

We can not only produce your music, or help release your songs, but also teach you about music publishing. We can put you in touch with our directory of contacts to get your videos or photoshoots done and get featured artists on your records. In a nutshell, we do what we have always tried to do; help other people in the industry to make their musical journey easier.

What inspired you, Raj Ghai and Rishi Rich to start it?

Well, I think we all feel a certain kind of way when we hear outsiders say that the British Asian scene isn’t as big as it once was. This is totally incorrect in my view. We have so much talent, but they just don’t know where to go, or how to handle certain aspects of being an artist. Rishi always had this idea of a one-stop hub for artistic professionals and Raj’s experience along with mine just slotted right in.

How important is something like this for new artists?

I believe it’s very important but then again it is one third my venture. I have been so  overwhelmed with the love and warmth we have received from not only clients but also people who are just starting to get to know Startist. The feedback has been positive.

As an accomplished singer yourself, what key advice would you give aspiring talents?

You are the company you keep and the team you have around you. So, surround yourself with honest people. It’s easier said than done but it is so important. Oh, and collaborate. It’s so easy to dream of ‘making it by yourself’ but in reality things do take longer to flourish. So, collaborate and experiment with other like-minded artists and good music will always find a listener.

Mastering the musical minefield
Kiranee, Rishi Rich and Raj Ghai.

What key tips would you give up-and-coming music producers?

Don’t be afraid to make your own samples and broaden your musical taste. Pour your individuality into what you create and the right artist who will catapult you will always find you.

Do you think the British Asian industry needs new talent?

Of course. What industry doesn’t? We should always be encouraging new musical talent to come out and present themselves because that’s how the industry will flourish. Do I feel like the British Asian industry is near its end? No. Do I believe a great deal of our British Asian artists need direction? Absolutely yes. Artists really need to understand that you can always get to where you want to go on your own. But wouldn’t it be a little faster with some help?

Are there any tips to get noticed as a new artist?

For me, I am always looking at people on Instagram (I am not a TikToker). It is unbelievable how the next generation are experts in social media and content creation. If you’re an artist and want to get noticed, right now social media is the place. So, use it to your advantage.

How important is it to find your own unique voice?

It’s as important as it is to be yourself. It’s difficult I feel for listeners to bite into what an artist is releasing when it sounds like everything else out there. If you can’t as an artist be willing to be unique or stay true to yourself, you can’t expect your listeners to hang around. There’s too much of a turnover of artists these days and with same kind of music people do get bored really easily.

Do you think there is any age barrier for newcomers?

In my view, music has no language or age barrier. If you want to pursue music, are willing to work hard, listen and understand the importance of creating good music, then we are always here.

What can we expect from your record label in 2023?

Break The Noise Records has been fairly quiet in 2022 whilst we have been working behind the scenes lining up some really special projects. Rishi and I have put our heart and soul into the music we are preparing to release in 2023 in conjunction with Startist. There will be music from H-Dhami, Jagtar and Raveena, just to mention a few artists.

What about you as an artist?

I have many projects geared up for 2023 as a writer and composer for some really great people, which I am so excited about. I have recently tied up a few projects in India which I hope will be slated for 2023 too.

What motivates you musically?

It’s just in my body. I have no idea what motivates me or how I keep doing what I do. It’s not gotten easier. But I just know in my heart that I haven’t even touched the surface of what I can do as a writer, composer, and singer, so I guess that’s definitely keeping me going – the fact that there is so much more to come.

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