• Tuesday, February 07, 2023

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Mentoring for young South Asians with music skills

By: Shelbin MS

MANCHESTER MUSEUM has invited young British south Asians passionate about music to join a mentoring programme with an opportunity to travel to India.

The collaborative project between Manchester Museum and the Indian Music Experience Museum seeks to explore “rhythm” as a shared language between east and west.

“We are inviting two young people with music skills, based in Greater Manchester to join an exciting artistic development project for local emerging talent with a unique opportunity for international travel to Bangalore, India,” Manchester Museum said in a statement.

Candidates aged 18-25 years from a south Asian heritage with music skills and proven interest and engagement with genres and instruments of South Asian music can apply for the programme by May 15.

The programme will culminate in a youth-led performance, promoting musical understanding across borders through cross-cultural dialogue, co-creation and collaborative experimentation.

It is part of an international partnership with the Indian Music Experience Museum funded by the British Council’s India-UK Together Programme.

“Costs, support and arrangement of travel, visas and expenses to India are provided for by Manchester Museum,” the statement added.

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