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My Playlist With Raz

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By: Radhakrishna NS

TALENTED Canadian producer, lyricist and recording artist Raz recently teamed up with Isam B for the song My World, which was the latest chapter in his musical journey.

A creative voice making waves in alternative hip hop, Raz has more songs on the way and is set to generate even bigger waves.

Eastern Eye got the rising music star to select 10 songs he loves.

Redemption Song by Bob Marley: For me, this track is the perfect combination of connecting music to social justice. A perfect example of how simplicity and a message
can create some of the most influential songs in history.

Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill: My biggest and earliest influence is Lauryn Hill and Lost Ones was the foundation for my songwriting early in my career.

Dream by Imagine Dragons: Sometimes, I find it hard to deliver all of the emotions I want onto hip-hop beats, which is where I go to for my rock-alternative influences like Dream for raw emotions.

Kings & Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars: I love Kings & Queens for the emotion and power, but also one of my favourites for showing me how to completely let go on a song while still writing powerful, meaningful lyrics.

A Mind Full Of Whispers by Outlandish: As a young Muslim, Outlandish has been a huge influence for me on how to create high-quality art that delivers a message while staying true to your values. A Mind Full Of Whispers, especially the music video, is one of my biggest inspirations and a reminder of why I make music and how I want to represent my community.

Patience by Damian Marley & Nas: To me, Patience is pure poetry. The lyrics are beautifully woven together, especially in Damian Marley’s verses, with melodies and an instrumental that keep you in an introspective and reflective mindset.

The Heart Of Life by John Mayer: I listen to and study John Mayer for the intricate songwriting that he delivers in a simple way. With The Heart Of Life, I think, he strikes a powerful balance among melody, lyricism and telling a relatable story.

Swallowed In The Sea by Coldplay: I love Coldplay for the emotion Chris Martin brings to each song. I am trying to create as much emotion and power in my songs to bring my listeners into the world of what I’m thinking and feeling. Swallowed In The Sea does this for me every time I listen to it.

Rolling Stone by Passenger: This song is one of the most creative and heartwarming forms of storytelling in a song for me. It takes me to a different place, almost like a movie – full of relatable experiences, moments and emotions.

High For Hours by J Cole: Another powerful example for me of storytelling, but in High For Hours, J Cole is able to paint a vivid picture of his personal experience, while simultaneously delivering an important social commentary. This is a modern take on what I consider true and traditional hip-hop.

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