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PM Modi reacts after Karnataka forest officials save electrocuted elephant: ‘Such compassion is commendable’

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi (ANI Photo)

By: Shubham Ghosh

Timely intervention by staff members at Bandipur Tiger Reserve (BTR) in the southern Indian state of Karnataka saved the life of an elephant which was electrocuted and the act received appreciation from none other than the prime minister of the country, Narendra Modi.

Modi responded to videos of the animal’s rescue which was shared by Indian environment minister Bhupendra Yadav on Twitter, saying, “Happy to see this. Compliments to the staff at Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Such compassion among our people is commendable.”

In one of the shared video clips, it was seen that the elephant, a female, lied on the ground at the reserve partially unconscious and moved its legs and trunk. Many people were seen attending it. In another clip, she was seen walking away after gaining consciousness.

Yadav said the elephant was later released into the reserve after she recovered and the forest officials were monitoring her.

“So happy to note that an electrocuted elephant, struggling for life, was saved due to prompt action by the staff of Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The female elephant has been released back into the Reserve and is being closely monitored,” he said in a tweet.

“Our forest frontline workers are our pride,” he added.

Many netizens also praised the forest staff members for saving the elephant.

“Great to witness such compassionate efforts by the staff at Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Kudos to them for their commendable work towards wildlife conservation. Let’s all strive to protect and preserve our precious flora and fauna,” wrote one user.

“Congratulations doing great job,” said another.

“Prevention is better than cure. Make sure these wires are and other such forest hazards are removed. This time life is saved. Thankful to our forest department,” another wrote.

Another one said saving the elephant was akin to “worshipping mother Earth”.

The BTR has one of the richest biodiversities in India.

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