• Monday, March 20, 2023


Victoria government in Australia takes step to help women of colour fulfil their leadership aspirations

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By: Shubham Ghosh

The government of Victoria in Australia has taken a step towards helping more women of colour so that they can fulfil their leadership aspirations.

On Wednesday (8), Natalie Hutchins, the province’s minister for education, encouraged its culturally diverse women to apply for the Women of Colour Executive Leadership Program, The Australia Today reported.

In a statement, the Labor leader said, “Our record on gender equality leads the nation, and I encourage all culturally diverse women from across the stateto apply for this Women of Colour Executive Leadership program.”

Under the programme, 20 diverse women will receive support and they include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. The programme will help them overcome barriers that women of colour face in advancing their careers — through workshops, mentoring, and coaching for a period of seven months.

The training will also help them complete an individual strategic challenge project and improve their broad capabilities, The Australia Today report added.

The Victorian government is investing $1 million in leadership programs for women — with the Women of Colour Executive Leadership Program being one of four initiatives announced last year to help women gain leadership roles and build-more inclusive workplaces.

The programme is the first leadership programme of its kind in Australia — designed by Women of Colour Australia,

“Diverse women are ready to lead, they are capable and ambitious. This programme presents a real opportunity for businesses to do more than just talk about supporting diversity and inclusion, it’s an opportunity to show it,” Hutchins added.

Applications to join the programme are open until February 28 and the programme will run in May.

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