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Mother’s Day in advance: US man introduces humble Indian-born mother who lived ‘American dream’ in 1980s

Lakshmi R Bloom went to the US from India’s Bengaluru for higher education in 1980 and getting her degrees, she started and built a new company and also raised two kids.

Sahil Bloom with his mother Lakshmi R Bloom and family. (Picture: Sahil Bloom X account/@SahilBloom)

By: indiaweekly.biz Staff

NOT all heroes in the world steal the headlines but what makes their courage commendable is their zest to do better in every phase of life. Lakshmi R Bloom, mother of New York-based entrepreneur Sahil Bloom, is one such kind who travelled from Bengaluru in India to the United States for higher education in 1980, way before globalization became a buzzword, and embarked on an unparalleled journey.

Bloom recently took to X to wish his mother on her birthday and unravelled her story on the platform — including completion of education, starting and building a business and raising two children.

Calling her “an absolute legend”, Sahil wrote, “My mom is an absolute legend. Born and raised in Bangalore, India. Secretly applied to college in the U.S. and got a scholarship. Arrived in 1980 with no money to her name. Got her undergrad in two years and her masters in another two. Met an American guy and fell in love. They’re happily married 42 years later and never go long without a kiss and an “I love you” whispered between them.

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‘Started and built a small business, raised two children, and now the proud grandmother to two grandsons. Still has the same energetic, party-loving, mischievous spirit of her youth.

“What a damn life. What a damn legacy.

“Happy Birthday, Mama! Here’s to you.”

Bloom also attached a few pictures of his parents and family with his post.

His post came days ahead of the Mother’s Day which is celebrated on May 12.

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The post was widely admired by the netizens and at the time of writing this report, received more than 384,000 views and 3,500 likes.

Lakshmi, who is also a X user, responded to her son’s post, saying, “Sahil – your love makes it all seem like a beautiful fairy tale! Who could have predicted my mischievous younger child would turn into an eloquent son! Thank you for this loving tribute.”

One user applauded the integrity of their marriage, “Their commitment to marriage is a sight to behold. A rare sight these days! Bravo!”, another appreciated her personality, “What a remarkable woman. Happy Birthday to Mom and to many, many more!” shared another.

Lauding her ambition and enthusiasm, a user wrote, “Happy Birthday to your mom! Thank you for sharing this story. Being an Indian, the story is so relatable. She lived the true American dreams!”

Another wrote, “Their commitment to marriage is a sight to behold. A rare sight these days! Bravo!”

“Your mother’s journey is a testament to her resilience, ambition, and zest for life,” wrote a third.

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