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Aadil Khan: A love for real stories

By: Shelbin MS

Talented newcomer Aadil Khan caught the attention of audiences with his debut film Shikara and continued to surprise with his negative turn in Hotstar show Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story.

He is currently seen as squadron leader Salim Kamali in Hotstar series Shoorveer and carries on his impressive recent rise.

The actor spoke to Eastern Eye about not differentiating between negative and positive characters, the high of a well-received performance and his love for real-life stories.

Tell us something about your character in Hotstar series Shoorveer?
I play an ace pilot from the Indian air force in the show, squadron leader Salim Kamali. It’s a very interesting show about our armed forces. Do watch it.

You played a charming young man in your debut film Shikara and then a completely negative character in your first streaming show Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story. Was it a conscious decision?
I think, as an actor, I want to explore as much as I can, and my characters also make me explore myself. It’s challenging for me. I like to be in those kinds of challenges where I explore characters and put myself into them, understanding them, and try to live their lives. So, the more different it is, the more fun it is. So far, it is going superb. I am playing characters that are very different from me and I am enjoying it.

You received rave reviews for your performance in Special Ops 1.5. What kind of a high do you get when your work is recognised by the audience?
It feels great. I mean for an actor this is what matters most. So, I am happy that the kind of effort I am putting into my work as an actor is getting recognised and people are liking my work. I can’t be more grateful than this and am really, really grateful. I think it’s amazing how life is treating me so far.

You have explored films and the streaming space. Is there anything else that you would like to explore as an artist?
I have things in my mind, but right now, I want to focus on acting because there is so much to explore as an actor. I don’t think this is the kind of profession that would make me hit monotony anytime. So, for now, I will continue being an actor. But when I am shooting or sitting with directors and all, I kind of watch carefully what they are doing and why they are doing it. Because you never know in the future where your mind takes you and what you want to do. But for now, I am enjoying being an actor.

Do you want to play any real-life character or headline any biopic?
Absolutely. I would love to do that. I love real stories. I think there are so many characters, not just in our country, but in the world where they have actually done things that are very inspiring. It’s amazing to be a part of such stories, which end up telling people about such inspirational personalities. So, yeah, why not? If I get a good story and a good opportunity, I will definitely do it.

Will you also explore south Indian cinema?
Not now, but if something interesting comes up, I will grab it. I want to say that I don’t want to limit myself anywhere. For me, growth really matters, my career really matters and at the same time, my work pleasure, and satisfaction also really matter. So anywhere I see, you know, a combination of both, I will definitely jump into it.

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