• Thursday, August 18, 2022


That stinky and sweaty armpit is a sign of good health! Here’s why

By: Shelbin MS

The hot weather in the coming weeks is definitely a welcome change and something many people are looking forward to. But the rise in temperature is not always happy news for regular commuters. The crowded trains and tube carriages cause sweaty armpits for some and turn out to be a source of embarrassment.

Though sweaty armpits and sweat patches can soon become a nightmare for those out and about during the day and when exposed to high temperatures, health experts say there’s an upside to this bodily function and that it shouldn’t be avoided altogether.

Sweating actually helps you to regulate your body temperature. Also, contrary to popular belief that sweat makes your skin oily and blocks your pores – The sweat glands help your body to release toxins, including alcohol and waste products.

A 2016 study revealed that fitness enthusiasts have lower levels of heavy metals like mercury and lead in their bodies – thanks to sweating. High doses of these metals are known to cause damage to our organs.

Also, according to a report published in the Mirror, the toxins that are released from your body due to sweating can boost your immune system as well.

Some of the reasons you sweat include hot weather, exercise, fever, and also nervousness.

Melanie Palm, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of Art of Skin MD in San Diego, is reported to have said: “Sweat serves an important function of effectively cooling our body.”

Health experts also say that sweating can speed up the loss of water weight in your body. A workout that gets you sweating more, is also more likely to be an intense session. As your body works hard to regulate your temperature and cool you down, you use energy and in turn burn more calories.

Sweating not only regulates your body temperature but also benefits your skin. When you sweat, your skin rids itself of impurities, thereby helping to improve skin quality and texture. You may have noticed how your skin glows after an intense workout or after a bout of exercise.

Sweating is also neutral protection from germs and bacteria as pores get opened up when you sweat. Dermatologist Dr Viscusi explains that “Sweat prompts your pores to flush out oil and dirt.”

Additionally, sweat also increases blood flow which helps to keep your skin healthy, by ensuring your skin cells get adequate nourishment with the required nutrients and oxygen.

There’s also another major benefit of sweating – fewer chances of kidney stones. This is because more sweating means less water in your body, and also lesser chances of the material that causes kidney stones sitting in your kidneys and urinary tract.

Sweating more, makes you drink more water, and this means you will be flushing out these minerals from your body.

Having said that, health experts recommend avoiding too much sun exposure and adequate hydration during the 35C heatwave that is expected at the end of the month.

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