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Trends to shape your look in the new year

By: Neelam Mistry-Thaker

HAPPY New Year. Have you set any crazy resolutions for 2023?

The new year is a time when people often struggle with body confidence, but what if we flipped the narrative and talked about how to make you feel your absolute best in your body right here and now? It’s the perfect time to set personal style goals, learn what works for you and your body, and explore some of the latest looks without any other pressure.

So, with that in mind, here are some of my top fashion trends for 2023 to watch out for.

Trends to shape your look in the new year
Asymmetric knit dress, Zara, £49.99

Viva Magenta: The beautiful shade of red is set to be big in 2023 after being announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year. As reported by Pantone, it has been described as “a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. An electrifying, and a boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement”.

I absolutely love this idea when it comes to your style. Use this shade to experiment with your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd. Pair it with neutrals or layer using other shades of red to create a monochrome palette for the ultimate statement. Playing more with colour is one of my personal style goals, so I’m excited to see how I can add this Pantone choice into my wardrobe, with statement pieces that mix and match back to capsule classics.

Make it sporty: One of my favourites is a sporty look as you can stay comfy in your style, but ensure it’s put together with structured fabrics and clean lines. Think classic clean white trainers and a matching two piece. Stay classic with neutrals or add in a pop of colour to elevate the look.

Trends to shape your look in the new year
&Other Stories, sheer lace top, £75

Lace: This is the perfect way to add interest and texture to a look. Think lace shirts or detailing on dresses. Opt for softer lace pieces with flow or more structured styles for a sharp look. As we head into spring, lace can instantly help transform your wardrobe.

Florals: The bigger, the better. I often find you either love or hate a floral front, but they are set to be big for the new season. Consider where on your body you wear the florals, as they will bring more attention and focus to that area.

Trends to shape your look in the new year
Me & Em, Statement
Stripe wide-leg trouser, £185

Stripes: Keep them bold. Vertical stripes can really elongate a frame so if you want to add the
illusion of height, this is definitely one for you. For the trousers, I would go for a long length in a wider stripe to make your legs go on for days. Or try a striped shirt for a classic, yet on rend look, and maybe a piece you already have in your wardrobe. Horizontal stripes have been around for a while. But they add width to the frame, so again think about the proportions you want to create.

Drop waists: A dropped waist can instantly lengthen the torso, but remember to think about
the effect on the lower half of the body. Does it make your legs look short, or do your hips not look in proportion to the top half of the body?

Trends to shape your look in the new year
AJE Mathilde, bubble-hem rose-print cotton dress, £404

Bubble hems: I remember these from when I was younger. A fun hemline to play around with, but remember to consider your proportions. Do they work for your body shape or add more width to the bottom half, giving an imbalance in your frame? I think this is the perfect addition for creative or dramatic style personality girls.

Something sheer: I love a sheer piece – it is the perfect way to move into spring and show a little more skin yet stay covered. Sheer sleeves can be perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable about baring the full arm. They are also a sexy yet sophisticated way to add interest to your look. A big thumbs-up from me and something that you can easily transition into a true long-term capsule wardrobe piece.

Remember to only invest in pieces you’ll wear from season to season, rather than one hit wonders that will make it out of your closet only once. Trends are great to leawrn about but can quickly become an expensive habit. My top tip would be to do a fresh wardrobe check before investing in any new pieces. Ensure anything new can be paired with items already in your wardrobe so extending the pieces’ lifecycle. Have fun as we move into the new season.

Neelam Mistry-Thaker is a fashion expert, personal stylist and style coach. Visit Instagram @NeelamPersonalStylist; Facebook: Neelam Personal Stylist and www.neelampersonalstylist.com

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