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In India’s Karnataka, woman throws disabled son, 6, into crocodile-filled canal

The woman later accused her husband, the child’s father, saying he used to always tell her to kill their son who was deaf and mute.

A crocodile. (Photo by ARUN SANKAR/AFP via Getty Images)

By: Shubham Ghosh

IN a shocking incident, a woman allegedly threw her six-year-old differently abled son into a canal infested with crocodiles after a domestic fight with her husband. The minor’s half-eaten body was found a day later, police informed on Monday (6).

The incident happened on Saturday (4) in Halamadi village in Uttara Kannada district of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The woman, identified as Savitri, 32, and who works as a house help, often fought with her husband Ravi Kumar, 36, over their son Vinod, who was born deaf and mute, over his disability. The couple have another two-year-old son.

Savitri told the police that her husband, a mason, used to taunt her and ask her to kill their son by throwing him into the canal.

The duo had another round of confrontation on Saturday night and soon after, Savitri allegedly threw Vinod into the canal around 9 pm in the night. It connects to the River Kali, which is home to crocodiles.

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When informed about it by the local people, police and fire brigade officials launched a search operation the same night but it was hampered by darkness. On Sunday (5) morning, they could retrieve parts of the ill-fated child’s body from the jaws of a reptile, which had partially devoured his right hand. The corpse reportedly bore severe bite and injury marks.

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The couple were arrested on murder charges and produced in court and remanded in 14 days of judicial custody.

Speaking to reporters, the mother accused her husband of torturing her mentally and blaming him for Vinod’s death.

“My husband is responsible. He kept saying let [Vinod] die. My husband said that all he does is eat. ‘Let him be’, I’d say. If my husband keeps repeating such things, how much torture could my son endure? But he kept repeatedly telling me to let the child die,” she was quoted as saying by reports.

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