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‘Overweight’ Indian cop runs after & catches armed robbers, becomes hero overnight; WATCH

Ratan Roy, the policeman weighing over 100 kilograms, said later that he was only thinking about saving the police department’s honour.

By: Shubham Ghosh

LOCAL residents were petrified to hear gunshots in broad daylight but he did not budge till the mission was completed, arresting members of a gang of robbers who looted a jewellery shop at gunpoint on Tuesday (29). Ratan Roy, assistant sub inspector (ASI) of police of Ranaghat in Nadia district of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, ran after the robbers armed with automatic weapons in civilian clothes with a revolver which was allegedly rusted, and eventually succeeded in injuring and arresting them.

It was reported that Roy weighs more than 102 kilograms and his heroic act has made him a hero in the locality overnight.

According to a report by Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika, Roy is often ridiculed by his colleagues for his excess weight but his daring act against the robbers, who reportedly came from the neighbouring state of Bihar, has now left many pleasantly stunned. Recently promoted to the post of ASI from a constable, Roy chased four armed robbers for around 500 metres before injuring two.

When the daily asked him how he could make it happen, Roy said he did not think about anything else at that moment apart from keeping the police department’s honour.

The looted jewellery was recovered from the arrested robbers.

While praises have been pouring in for the ‘overweight’ police officer from his department’s seniors and colleagues, his family was concerned. His wife Mithu at their home in Murshidabad district of Bengal was concerned till she got to hear the voice of Roy, a father of two.

Sources in the police said Roy was on duty when one of the security guards called the police station about the robbery. He immediately started for the spot with four officers carrying nothing more than sticks. The robbers then started shooting at the police officers but Roy faced them even if his colleagues were trying to save themselves.

As he alone kept the robbers busy, more force arrived and they were caught along with two motorcycles, cash, weapons and forged documents besides the jewellery.

Roy, who is the son of a retired police officer, told Anandabazar that his only concern was about running out of ammunition.


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