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In scorching summer, Bengaluru Good Samaritan gives water bottles to on-duty traffic cops

The elderly man is often seen going around the city in his two-wheeler, providing water bottles to traffic police personnel doing their duty in unfavourably hot conditions.

A man in the south Indian city of Bengaluru gives water bottles to traffic policemen in scorching heat. Several parts of India have been going through extreme heat conditions. (Picture: Screengrab X account/@ShreeRA43002214)

By: Shubham Ghosh

WITH the summer in India turning ruthless, those working outdoors for their daily living are finding life hard. Among them are traffic policemen who have to brave the blazing sun the entire day to ensure that the civilians’ life is not thrown out of gear. For most, it is a thankless job for not many see the police personnel in countries such as India through a lens of sympathy.

But there are also exceptions. Recently, a Good Samaritan was seen giving bottles of water to a few traffic police officers in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru, which is grappling with intense heat conditions and water scarcity. The video, which was shared by a city’s traffic warden on X, went viral on social media.

According to Shree Ram Bishnoi who shared the video, the man who gave the police officers water bottles does it regularly at the city’s Hebbal area in scorching summer. He is often seen going around the city in his two-wheeler, providing water bottles to traffic police officers doing their duty in unfavourable weather conditions. They also thank them in return which is acknowledged by the man, as it is seen in the video.

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“I don’t know the name of this uncle driving an Activa but I know his job. It is his daily duty to give water to the traffic police personnel on duty. I salute him,” the video was captioned on X.

The gesture was widely appreciated by the netizens who called the elderly man a “hero” and “protector of humanity”.

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“Random person giving away water bottles to traffic constables during this heat Unsung heroes of Bengaluru,” said one user.

“Wow. Such a noble act. Such small things go a long way. I do it whenever possible and encourage others to do it as well. What is the use of being born as human if we can’t do even these small things,” said another user.

Another wrote, “Huge respect. I just wish we could find him to gift him a proper helmet.”

Bengaluru, which is called India’s Silicon Valley for the concentration of Information technology industries, witnessed its hottest March in the past five years in 2024. In many parts of Karnataka of which Bengaluru is the capital, the temperature crossed 40 degrees Celsius and heatwave-like conditions were visible.

The capital city was also facing a serious water crisis with many residential apartments having to depend upon water tankers due to diminishing groundwater level.

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