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India’s ‘Wright brothers’ get it wrong as cops fine them for turning car into ‘helicopter’

The duo came up with a unique idea to modify their vehicle into a mock helicopter to rent it for local weddings for extra income but the police seized the car for altering it unlawfully.

The car that was modified into a helicopter by two brothers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. (Picture: @ANI)

By: Shubham Ghosh

THEY wanted to make an aircraft like the famous Wright brothers of the US who invented the airplane but instead of making a real one, the two brothers from India wanted to convert their car into a mock helicopter which would remain operational on the ground. The plan was to rent their modified vehicle at weddings but before it became a reality, authorities stepped in to penalise the duo.

Purchasing a Suzuki Wagon R manufactured by Maruti, the country’s largest automaker, for Rs 100,000 (£946), the brothers, Ishwardin Prajapati, aged 36, and Parmeshwardin Prajapati, aged 37, spent weeks modifying it extensively at their impromptu workshop in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, The Telegraph reported.

Their alterations included affixing rotor blades to the roof of the vehicle and fashioning a tail and other bodywork components from sheet metal, all aimed at giving the vehicle the appearance of a flying machine.

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However, the project did not take off the ground as local police officials temporarily impounded the “car copter.”

According to the police, the brothers were fined Rs 2,000 (£19) for unlawfully altering their car.

“They let us go after we paid the fine but advised us to take the car back home at night so there is no disturbance on the road,” Ishwardin was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

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He said the idea to convert the car into a helicopter came from watching videos on YouTube.

Defending their ambitious action, Ishwardin also told the authorities that many people were giving their cars unique shapes and it has become a trend in many parts of Uttar Pradesh and its eastern neighbour of Bihar to use such modified vehicles during marriages.

The two brothers usually make idols of Hindu gods and goddesses and thought the car business would give them an alternate source to earn money.

Ishwardin said they could earn Rs 5,000 (£47) daily by renting out the modified car.

Images of the car went viral on social media ever since the news broke and dozens of people made curious queues at their workshop, Ishwardin told The Telegraph. Many people even wanted the brothers to finish their modification work fast so that they could rent the vehicle for their marriages.

Ishwardin said they have received several inquiries for the ‘helicopter car’ but added that they would start the booking process once the car gets ready.

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