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Suffering with constipation? Try these Ayurvedic diet hacks

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

Constipation usually occurs as a result of lack of water consumption, heavy meat intake, lack of exercise and fibre intake within the diet and various other factors. 

Lifestyle changes need to introduce, if the condition persists for a long time. Frequent travelling, irregular eating, and changes in sleeping patterns may adversely affect you and might create an imbalance in your digestive system, leading to constipation. 

This condition may also affect pregnant women who could otherwise be perfectly healthy. 

According to the Ayurveda, vata is the energy of movement and constipation is a vata condition that expresses dryness. The complications of constipation include discomfort, flatulence, distension, pain, headache, and bad breath. Toxins may also be absorbed from the colon. 

Ayurvedic medications to ease constipation 

Kerala Ayurveda site informs that Ayurvedic treatment involves drinking herbal formulations that induce bowel movements to restore the digestive system to get it back in order. Apparently, the traditional remedies treat the problem at the source to smooth the progress of bowel movements naturally. Let’s take a look at a few of these rememdies.


This is a digestive syrup with Haritaki as the primary ingredient. It helps in clearing the digestive tract, treats indigestion, and reduces bloating, flatulence, and cramps. 

Gandharvahastadi Kwath

This acts as a natural laxative and cleanses the colon. It not only provides relief from constipation but consists of hers that cleanse the gut. These herbs include ginger, haritaki and castor. 

Triphala Tablet

Bowel movements are known to improve when 1-2 triphala tablets are taken daily after food. This herb is supposedly a great laxative that not only combats constipation by also gets rid of gastric issues. It also helps to support your digestive system. 


This is an immunity booster syrup which also helps in treating constipation. It is an effective Ayurvedic rememdy for kids.

 Ayurvedic and natural diet tips to ease constipation

Constipation can be solved in a jiffy if the focus is on certain Ayurvedic diet tips. So, take a look at some Ayurvedic diet tips which could help prevent this health condition.

• Adding more fibre content to your diet such as oat bran, fresh fruits, wheat bran and vegetables will help in easing bowel movements.

• Consume warm and freshly cooked food. It is best to avoid cold food and drinks, dried fruits, salads, and beans. 

 • Add triphala powder which is a combination of three fruits, to your diet. Add half a spoon of triphala and steep it in a cup of hot water for five to ten minutes and consume it at night for best results. 

 • Consume fruits between meals to ease constipation. Banana is known to be a mild laxative. Ripe banana helps ease constipation when compared to green and unripe ones. You could also have prunes, apples, pears, kiwis and so on.

 • Add one to two tablespoons of ghee to a cup of hot milk and consume before bedtime. This could be an effective remedy for constipation.

 • Have a cup of ginger tea by adding two teaspoons of castor oil. Castor oil is known to be a mild laxative that increases bowel movement and relieves constipation.

 • Boil a tablespoon of flaxseed in a cup of water for around two to three minutes and consume it when warm. 

 • Consuming one or two spoons of coconut oil every day could help ease constipation.

 • Liquorice root is available in powder form. You could mix it in lukewarm water and drink it to avoid constipation.

 • Prepare porridge in milk and consume this food. It serves as a great laxative which can treat mild symptoms of constipation. 

 • In certain cases, the consumption of certain medications might cause constipation. So, consulting a doctor would be the best method to move forward and solve the issue at hand. 

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