• Thursday, August 18, 2022

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WATCH: 7-year-old Indian boy delivers food after father has accident, impresses Twitter

The boy who works as a delivery boy for Zomato to help his family as his father is injured in accident (Picture: Screengrab from video tweeted by @therahulmittal)

By: Shubham Ghosh

A video of a boy went viral on social media in India this week as his hard work to support his family was hailed by netizens.

The boy, who the person who posted the video on Twitter claimed to be only seven years old, took up the work of a delivery executive for Zomato, a restaurant aggregator and food delivery platform, after his father, who also works as a delivery agent, was injured in an accident.

Netizens praised the boy to whom Rahul Mittal, the maker of the video interacted to know his story, for stepping in to support his family when it needed him even at such a young age.

In the video of the incident which happened in New Delhi, Mittal was heard talking to the boy in Hindi about why he was doing the work. The minor, who was holding a box of chocolates, spoke about his working hours and that he uses a bicycle to deliver food items.

“This 7 year boy is doing his father job as his father met with an accident the boy go to school in the morning and after 6 he work as a delivery boy for @zomato we need to motivate the energy of this boy and help his father to get into feet #zomato,” Mittal said in his tweet, tagging the food delivery giant.

In the video that lasted almost half a minute, the boy told Mittal that he attends school in the morning and then cycles from door to door for the delivery work between 6 and 11 pm daily.

Mittal praised the boy asking him to carry on with the hard work and also told him to tell his father that people were happy with what his son was doing.

While many social media users sympathised with the child, even seeking to take responsibility for his studies and expenses, there were others who said it was a violation of child labour law.

Mittal responded to the criticism saying in another tweet, “To All those who advocating law here and raising an issue about child labour and policy According to the boy #Zomato have freeze the father id and now he is not doing any labour work and zomato helped them financially too , his father id will unfreeze as soon as he able to work”

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